Contiki Tour: From Oslo to Voss

When we talk about “Voss”, you might thing about the VOSS mineral water. We have VOSS water in our supermarkets in Switzerland and I never thought that I would ever visit the “birthplace” of this water. After Oslo, we head off for Voss, where we had a short stop before we depart for our next destination. We had a long drive ahead (approx. 6 hours), but I enjoyed every minute. The scenery was breathtaking (Bec called it “Eyegasm” ^.^): beautiful mountains, green meadows, deep blue fjords and the typical Norwegian clapboard houses – it was one of the most spectacular journey that I ever experienced. Speaking about Voss (or Vossevangen), this village is located in the heart of Fjord Norway and gives a lot of amazing activities like hiking, skiing, river rafting, mountain bike courses, zip-lining, paragliding and many other sports activities. We didn’t have time to do any of these activities (expect polar plunge, just next to the river at our hostel), but we had a very relaxing stay in Voss. More eyegasm will follow in the next blog post! Stay tuned for natural wonders and more picturesque scenery!

Contiki programme: VossLong bus rides – ahoi! So ‘Norway’-like! Photo stop Toilet break at Haugastol Enjoying nature~ Nesjonale Turistvegar
Norwegian landscape routesWe found snow! Look at this beautiful view! Hardangervidda
Hardanger Plateau
a montain plateau in central southern NorwayHere we are in Voss Our hostel (Voss Hostel)

Bec showed us how to make
Norwegian sweet lefse (with cinnamon and butter) It was so yummy! Our view from the hostel Polar Plunge (for the brave ones)


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