Contiki Tour: Oslo – Norway

Next stop is Oslo – the gorgeous capital city of Norway! There are so many things to do in Oslo, but let us concentrate on the Contiki programme. We first visited the Frogner Park (public park), right after we arrived at our hostel. You will find somehow bizarre sculptures everywhere around the park, but it was super fun to take pictures and imitate the pose of the statues. It was my personal highlight! On the next day, we did a Viking bike tour in separate teams. The weather was heavenly for biking. We visited the Viking Ship Museum and afterwards we could enjoy some free time in the city. We got us an ice cream near the Opera House and did some coffee and beer stops during the afternoon. As always, our programme was very tight, so we had to depart for Voss after 2 days stay in Oslo. We could enjoy a long drive day until Voss. The drive was very relaxing and the view just incredible. I love long bus rides, especially with such a beautiful scenery. I could daydream and watch out of the window the whole day long.

Things to do in Oslo:
– National Gallery (art museum)
– Opera House
– Vigeland Sculpture Park
– Kon-Tiki Museum
– Akershus Fortress (castle)
– Aker Brygge (popular are for shopping, dining and entertainment)

From Denmark to Norway with the ferryContiki Programme Oslo:Language Lesson NorwegianFirst stop IKEA!
We had lunch here (I loved this idea, thx Bec!)Köttbullar, nom!Frogner Park / Vigeland Sculpture Park

Uups… Everyone having fun Even the kids This butt! Nice pose, Hans and Bec! The next day- Bike Ride in the city let’s go viking biking! My lovely crew Visiting the Viking Ship Museum

Little snack The Opera House

My dear travel mates~
Hope you guys are all doing well!Freia Chocolate Wanna Kvikk Lunsj?
(It’s similar to Kitkat)And dinner at Rorbua Aker Brygge The food was so good!

Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

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