Penpal With Me | Handmade Envelopes

Creativity in isolation: yes, quarantine made me more creative, or even better – thanks to the lockdown, I got back to penpalling! I made some new penfriends in the past few weeks and I really enjoy it. You can learn so much from other countries and cultures or exchange postcards, cute stickers and memo pads. When I was a kid, I loved writing and I still have thousands of letters from my BFF. Do you remember the (good) old times, where we didn’t have any Whatsapp or LINE? Can you imagine that? I recently started to write letters to my friends as a surprise and I received a lot of heart-warming responses (some even via postal mail!). One friend even told me, that she never receive any handwritten letters expect on her birthday or on Christmas. She was very happy about it, which also made me happy. I found some lovely girls on Instagram, who love writing letters – there is even a bigger community out there, than I thought! In this post, I wanted to share some of my DIY handmade envelopes, which I made in the past few days. I totally got addicted to it! Can’t stop crafting – help! I hope this post will give you some new inspiration and ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and most important – have fun!

→ Find more inspiration on my separate “Penpalling” Page ←

Front And the back
(I love to use little stickers as a seal)Be creative, there is no right or wrong!
The book I used (Buy it on Amazon):

Manga-themed envelopes I recycled an Axes Femme paper bag Use ribbons and stickers My Daiso sticker collection (ah, I miss Japan!) Sanrio Stickers Pikachu-styled envelopes Pokémon is Love! Another lovely example, which I got from my penfriend


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