HEP Five Shopping Mall & Pokemon Center Osaka

After recharging our energy at the Pompompurin café at Umeda underground station, we visited the HEP Five shopping mall. It is quite a big and modern department store in Osaka. It has similar fashion brands like you can find at 109 or Laforet in Tokyo. When I go shopping in Osaka, this is definitely the place I visit. There is also a Pokémon Center located 10 minutes by foot, so I always have a look at the Poké Center before or after my shopping day at the HEP Five mall.

So what does the HEP Five shopping mall offers? As I already mentioned, there are a lot of clothing stores, but also an amusement zone as well as dining facilities on the upper floors. There is also a Gudetama café, which I visited on my past trip to Japan. All in all it has around 10 floors and a huge red Ferris wheel! I always make sure to visit Lodispotto, Evelyn, Axes Femme, Heather, Cecil McBee, Ank Rouge, PLAZA and the Jump Shop. There is also a Sanrio and Disney store at the mall. If you need a break, just chill at a café or have fun at the amusement area where you will find Purikura machines, game stations and UFO catchers. There are a lot of things to do there, so make sure you plan enough time for your trip to the HEP Five mall!

5-15 Kakudacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0017, Japan
+81 6-6313-0501

Opening Hours:
Shopping 11.00 – 21.00
Restaurant 11.00 – 22.30
Amusement 11.00 – 23.00



It has up to 8 floors + 2 in the basement!
I have never been on the ferris wheel,
but there is one inside the buildingThe amusement area is on the upper floorThere is also a café with different animalsRabbits, owls, hedgehogs and more… Horror zone hrr hhrr Let’s take Purikura! Sisi is my BFF ♡And now shopping! CATTIE has a lot of cute animal prints! My haul
(my sister got the opposite version)Funky Fruit
I love this store – there is also one in Harajuku!Plaza – my favourite cosmetic shop
They have a lot of different brands like Canmake etc.Did you know that there is a Barbie Café… Axes Femme – my very favourite clothing shop Lodispotto, it’s one of my favourite brand tooShort break, before we head to the Pokémon Center The Pokémon Center is near Umeda station
You need to go inside the bulding, it’s on the 13F Here we are! Everything was Xmas-themed Which is your favourite Eevee Evolution? I got this Pikachu Wall Light and some clear files! Fluffy plush Socks Why are they all so adorable? Acrylic Key Chains My haul from that day =P


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