ECONECO Cafe Osaka

The ECONECO café in Osaka – damn, how much I miss this sweet café! With its pinkish interior, it was one of my favourite café that I have visited in Japan so far. As you may know, a lot of cafés and restaurants in Japan are just pop-up stores, which are limited to a short time period. Sadly, the ECONECO café was one of them.

I don’t know if you know the brand ECONECO or these cute circus animals. It is a brand from an illustrator which sells different merchandise such as make-up, stationeries and more. You could buy those items directly at the café and at the same time you could enjoy sweets, sandwiches or pancakes together with a hot or cold cup of coffee or tea.

The café was located at the Shinsaibashi shopping street in Osaka. Unfortunately, it is closed nowadays and cannot be visited anymore.

Look at this cute café!Pink + Unicon = Paradise You could buy merchandise here Look at those teddy bears! I ordered a xmas ice cream! More merchandise The basement My pinkish drink and here is the ice cream!
Matcha flavour, yum! I am so sad that it is closed…
Hope there will be another collaboration soon!

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