Maldives: Diving Activities

So you might asked yourself: ‘what can you do on the Maldives? Doesn’t it get bored very quickly?’ not at all! At the first moment, I also have some thoughts about that I might get sick of doing nothing, but honestly, it was the opposite. The incredibly turquoise clear ocean and the peaceful atmosphere – you automatically want more of it. So beside relaxing and watching TV (yes, they have wifi nowadays) or reading books you also could borrow some swimming equipment. While whale watching and other activities costs a crazy extra, the canoe or snorkelling equipment was completely for free. First we took a swim with the canoe around our accommodation and afterwards we stopped at the mini island (Sand Bank Snorkel Island), where was the best spot for snorkelling. The good thing is that you didn’t have to go far away from the beach. You could stay very near at the island and you still see plenty of shiny and colourful little sea creatures. I could discover some fishes from the movie Nemo and I actually found my new favourite fish: the unicorn fish, haha. If you want to do something cheap, snorkelling and a canoe trip might be a good option.

Hi there!Look at this colour! 100% clear turquoise There was a swing in the middle of the ocean Fly high~ Sunbathing We spent 10 days in the water lol
We couldn’t get enough of it! This view! Happy Mermaids :D Hooray~  Floating on water~ Snorkelling You could see the fishies very good You can borrow the canoe and snorkelling equipment for free It never gets bored!At the Sand Bank Snorkel Island Look at these unicorn fishes =)


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