Lolita Afternoon Tea – Miyuko 2018

Back to daily life! It happened a lot the past few month. I went on travels (nothing new I guess lol), attended different convention plus events and I had a good start into summer so far. There was also a Lolita meetup end of June at the Miyuko cafe in Zurich. We had afternoon tea, which was heavenly delicious. I love this cafe not only because of its kawaii and japanese-themed flair, but also because I had my first Lolita meetup there (check it out → here!). I still remember the year 2011 where I wore my gothic Lolita outfit from Bodyline. I was super nervous to step outside into this “dolly world”, overdressed with circle lenses and fake lashes. Nowadays, it became a normal fashion style for me. So back to the afternoon tea, we had a walk to the cafe, took some pictures nearby and enjoyed a sweet and savoury plate with various teas. The afternoon was lovely with all the sweethearts and a big thank you to Angela, who organzised the event.

My favourite dress by Metamorphose;
Koi koi! Floral Cards Tucked DressOufitMake-upPhotoshooting with the lovely girls: Henry and his selfmade accessories Meet Uglyvirgin on ETSY, if you like this style!!
Each piece is unique and handmade.Our newbie ♡and me Selfie with Lea ♡And now to the afternoon tea!! Oh yes!This looks sooo goood, doesn’t it?!Sweet plate Savoury plate


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