Spring in Japan: Nara Deer Park

So we are almost at the end of my travel diary. During the last days in Kansai, I spent a peaceful day in Nara, which is not that far away from Kyoto/Osaka. Nara has a big park and is probably very famous because of the wild deer that you can see everywhere in this area. It was my first time and since I didn’t know this part in Japan, I just walked around randomly. I had a heavenly walk in the forest and finally landed at Kasuga Taisha (Grand Shrine). The rest of the afternoon I spent in the park, sitting under the trees, marveled at the amazing cherry blossoms and just did nothing than daydreaming. The Sakura trees were in full bloom, so it was really beautiful. If you visit Japan during spring time, I strongly recommend you to have a look here!!

Nara Train Station

Attention deer!Omg, so cute :D Kofuku-ji Really love this rules lol Can you see the deer? Oh, hi there! Such a cute Omikuji (fortunes)!!! Write on your wish Hi sweetie! Back at Nara Park Souvenir Shops Chumon Gate of Todaiji Temple


Oooi-Ocha Photoshooting. I would love to see their pictures xD Sakuraaa Sakurrraaaa Sakuraaaaa everywhere!! That tail! So fluffy!!


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