Japan: Odaiba

I did not only spend my time at themed cafes or restaurants. After I had lunch at the Kawaii Monster Cafe with my friend, we went to Odaiba to spend our afternoon. I have never been to Odaiba before, so I was excited what we are going to see.

So first of all, Odaiba is quite famous for its Rainbow Bridge, I think on special days you can see it illuminating in different colours at night. You maybe already heard about the huge Gundam statue – you can see him in Odaiba too. The Fuji TV building is also located near Odaiba train station. Furthermore, Odaiba offers a lot of amusement possibilities like the Trick Art Museum (take some funny pictures here), Tokyo Joypolis (arcade games and more), Mori Building Digital Art Museum (it is brand new and will open on 21 June 2018!). For shopping queens or kings, you should go to the Venus Fort or Aqua City. There are also themed restaurants with Hello Kitty, One Piece or Gundam. Odaiba offers a lot than I thought! Unfortunately, there was not much time to do all of the activities, however, we decided to have a look at the Venus Fort. The building inside is very special cause it reminds of the European Renaissance and the architectures and scenery is very “Italian”. The most impressive moment was when the sky (it’s acutally the roof) changed its colours from blue to pink, which was very romantic. We had a coffee break, had a look at some shops and did some selfies before we went home.

Here is the famous Rainbow Bridge Fuji TV Gundam There is a Gundam Cafe btw! Colourful ferris wheel Venus Fort Shopping Center

Interior The roof will change from time to time! here the pink sky! and also dark blue the ferris wheel at night


2 responses to “Japan: Odaiba

  1. O.o
    I looked at your pictures and found that the interior of the mall is extremely similar to one in my city. The colour-changing sky aisle is almost the same. At first glance you could swear it’s the same mall. The floor and the windows look almost the same. The fountain section, in contrast, is different: the walls from Odaiba’s are of a different style, and there`re two floors, while here there’s only one. Plus, the fountain here is just an obelisk.
    A couple of years ago the mall got remodeled, and they changed the floor from the aisles, but if you look at older photos, you’ll find the similarities.
    I wonder if they were built around the same year…

    • Wah, that is interesting! Maybe it is the same person who built the mall or someone was so impressed of the mall, that they had to rebuild it haha. I would love to see the mall in your city, bluebird ^_^!

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