10 Days in Japan: Kyoto | Fushimi Inari Taisha


Day 3: Day at leisure or city tour in Kyoto

Breakfast Japanese-stlye10-days-in-japan-kyoto-1 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-2nom nom nom 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-3We decided to discover Kyoto on our own.
Train ticket to Fushimi-Inari10-days-in-japan-kyoto-4 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-5

Foxes (kitsune) are thought to be
Inari’s (the Shinto god of rice) messengers10-days-in-japan-kyoto-6so beautiful! 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-7 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-7b 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-8 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-8bfox statues everywhere 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-9 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-10 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-11 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-12 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-13the famous torii gates 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-14 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-14b 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-15 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-16 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-17My Mokeke matches so well *lol* 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-17b 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-18 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-19 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-20 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-21so pretty 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-22 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-23 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-24 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-24bIn the afternoon:
At the hair dressers
COURARIR クラリール10-days-in-japan-kyoto-25 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-26

Short hair don’t care!japan-in-10-days-hair-cutjapan-in-10-days-hair-cut-2and Katsu (deep fried pork) for dinner! 10-days-in-japan-kyoto-28


2 responses to “10 Days in Japan: Kyoto | Fushimi Inari Taisha

  1. What an incredible place!! All the pics you took were amazing, as always. I find it interesting that it wasn’t full of tourists, as this kind of places are said to be.
    Do you know what the Torii gates have written on them??

    • Yeah, it is sad that it is so crowded compared to many years ago… but it is a popular place, however, there are many other (non-touristic) places, which my friend showed me last year. Places which probably only inhabitants would know.

      On the Torii you can see who donated the gate, so normally it is the name of a private person or company.

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