Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter


Hello muggles (or wizards (*^▽^*))

Here comes the most interesting part (at least for me) of my first visit in the UK: the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London!! Omg, I can’t tell you how excited I was when I A) booked the tickets for the WB Studio Tour and B) when I was standing in front of it!! When you grew up with Harry Potter or if you are a big fan like me, you should definitely visit the WB Studio! It’s absolutely worth it, I promise! IT IS AWESOME!!!♡♡♡

There are several possibilities how to get a ticket for the WB Studio: directly at the ticket counter there, at tourist stations in London or online. I have chosen the last option. Whenever it is possible, I prefer to book tickets for attractions in advance, otherwise I can get quite agitated and panicky. Somehow, I often have the feeling that the tickets were sold out soon… (even if this is probably not the case *g*). When I have the confirmation, I feel more comfortable (;≧∇≦)

I heard and read that the WB Studio is located a bit far away from the centre, that is the reason why I booked a ticket on getyourguide.com including a transfer by coach. (We paid around £54/74 CHF/76$/74€ p.p. – the entry fee for an adult is £35/47 CHF/49$/44€) It is a bit pricy, however the organisation was good and we had a comfy drive right up to the studio.

The tour started at 2:30 p.m. from the bus station just next to Victoria station (Victoria Coach Station, 164 Buckingham Palace Road). After around one hour we arrived at the WB Studio, where we could explore the world of Harry Potter for approximately 6-7 hours. Here is a short overview or recommendation what you can or should do at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour:

– Step into spectacular sets including the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s Office and Diagon Alley
– Climb aboard the original Hogwarts Express
– Learn how the movies’ special effects and animatronics were put together
– Fly on a broomstick with the magic of computer graphics
– Drink some delicious Butterbeer

Arriving at the WBS we first had so stand in line. Just a certain number could enter the “first step”. There was a short intro movie before you could enter the exhibition (so there wasn’t much space for all those visitors). After the film you could directly enter the Great Hall of Hogwarts – do you remember the scenes where all the students were eating their meal, received their owl post and had their Sorting ceremony? In the movie everything looked sooooooo huge, but in real it wasn’t that big as I thought.

The next area, right after the Great Hall, you could have a look at different “parts” from the movies. For example the Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory, Dumbledore’s Office, Hagrid’s Hut or they also displayed various costumes and objects like wands, broomsticks, Quidditch equipment, Horcruxes and more. Everything was so exciting!!!! It was absolutely interesting to go behind-the-scenes and explore the breathtaking special effects and all the secrets and techniques they used during the film set. If I would live in London, I am sure that I would buy an annual ticket for the WBS (unfortunately there doesn’t exist one (゚∇゚;)). Imagine – you could spend your time in the magical world of the wizards whenever you like!

Waiting for our coach at Victoria Coach StationWBTour_HP_80
WBTour_HP_79 WBTour_HP_78Cool, isn’t it?! WBTour_HP_77
and here we go WBTour_HP_76the entrance WBTour_HP_75 WBTour_HP_74our tickets WBTour_HP_73Harry’s room WBTour_HP_72It’s almost 15 years ago… unbelievable.
They’ve shaped such a massive part of my childhood!WBTour_HP_71The entrance to the Great Hall WBTour_HP_70 WBTour_HP_69 WBTour_HP_68 WBTour_HP_67 WBTour_HP_66 WBTour_HP_65 WBTour_HP_64 WBTour_HP_63 WBTour_HP_62Next area: WBTour_HP_61The Yule Ball WBTour_HP_60 WBTour_HP_59 WBTour_HP_58Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory WBTour_HP_57Wands WBTour_HP_56^^ WBTour_HP_55 WBTour_HP_54 WBTour_HP_53 WBTour_HP_52 WBTour_HP_51The entrance to Dumbledore’s office WBTour_HP_50 WBTour_HP_49 WBTour_HP_48 WBTour_HP_47Magical objects WBTour_HP_46bThe Goblet of Fire and the Golden Egg WBTour_HP_46Oh, hello Professor Snape! WBTour_HP_45 WBTour_HP_44 WBTour_HP_43One main character – x actors
They used for example nine dogs for Fang (Hagrid’s dog)WBTour_HP_42The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets WBTour_HP_41Gringotts Vault Door WBTour_HP_40They used green screen for the moving paintings…WBTour_HP_39…or vehicles WBTour_HP_38 WBTour_HP_37The Marble Staircase WBTour_HP_36Magical Trophies WBTour_HP_35Mad Eye Moody’s trunk WBTour_HP_34Hagrid’s Hut WBTour_HP_33Quidditch equipment WBTour_HP_32The Burrow
the family home of the Weasley family WBTour_HP_31Horcruxes WBTour_HP_30Borgin and Burkes WBTour_HP_29Meeting at Malfoy Manor WBTour_HP_28Nagini is hungry… WBTour_HP_27Sweet demonstration
It’s all fake foodWBTour_HP_26Dolores Umbridge’s office *meoow* WBTour_HP_25and her educational decrees WBTour_HP_24Hogwarts Express! WBTour_HP_23 WBTour_HP_22Platform 9 3/4 WBTour_HP_21 WBTour_HP_20sweeeeeets WBTour_HP_19The Knight Bus WBTour_HP_18I crossed the bridge to Hogwarts ^.^ WBTour_HP_17Harry~ are you at home?? =)WBTour_HP_16 animatronic creatures WBTour_HP_15Thestral and the Chinese Fireball WBTour_HP_100Awww Aragog WBTour_HP_99The Diagon AlleyWBTour_HP_98 WBTour_HP_97oh girl… WBTour_HP_96 WBTour_HP_95Just amazing WBTour_HP_94sketches WBTour_HP_93 WBTour_HP_92Imagine how much time they required for planning! WBTour_HP_91Hogwarts!
This model has been used for the movie.
Couldn’t believe that it was so… small!?
(The people on the right side are real)
WBTour_HP_14 WBTour_HP_13Happy and satisfied ^_^ WBTour_HP_12

A MUST for all Harry Potter fans!


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