CANMAKE Quick Easy Eyeliner from Japan | Make-Up REview


Hi everyone!

Here comes a short review about the CANMAKE Quick Easy Eyeliner! It now became one of my favourite makeup product beside mascara. I never/rarely use(d) eyeliner, because I didn’t find the right product so far. I tried everything; gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner – either the result looked awful or the application was too complicated or time-consuming. When I was in Japan, I stand in front of the CANMAKE makeup corner and saw the Quick Easy Eyeliner. It was quite cheap (500 Yen ~4.50$/CHF) so I wanted to give it another try and surprisingly the result was amazing!! The eyeliner is very easy and quick to apply. “I don’t use eyeliner, it’s too difficult” – this excuse doesn’t exist for me anymore! So if you still have problems finding the right eyeliner, I suggest you to try the CANMAKE Quick Easy Eyeliner. It’s absolutely worth it!!!

Canmake_44 Canmake_43 Canmake_42 Canmake_41 Canmake_40 Canmake_39 Canmake_38 Canmake_37and some more… Canmake_36b Canmake_34 Canmake_33Perfect for a cool (or cute) look (*^^)vCanmake_35b

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