Sneak Peek Japan 2016


Hello dear readers! (^-^*)/

Long time no see! Hope you are all doing fine (^ ^) I am finally back from my holidays and already excited to share my photos and stories with you guys. I had such a great time in Japan! I would love to post them right now, but I still have some other blog entries open… I even didn’t post my Japan trip of last year!! Uuuups (-д-;)! Hope you still can wait a little longer. Nevertheless, to give you a little sneak peek, I picked out some moments from my stay in Tokyo, Tottori, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka ↓↓↓



3 responses to “Sneak Peek Japan 2016

  1. I really want to go to Japan!
    Did you go to the Moomin cafe!? I love the Moomins, I used to watch the series everyday when I was ~7. What a beautiful anime.
    Is the Attack on Titan expo at Universal Japan still open?

    • Hi BlueBird!
      Yeeeees, I went to the Moomin Cafe :D Moomin and Snufkin joined me for lunch ^_^ And again yes, the Attack on Titan expo is still open until June! I nearly got eaten by a Titan ;))

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