Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2015

FantasyBasel_Hi everyone!

Here are some impressions of the Fantasy Basel (14 ~ 16 may 2015) – a festival for movie, game, comic, manga, anime and cosplay fans. Basel is quite near from my home town (compared to the other conventions in Switzerland), so I couldn’t resist to buy some tickets to have a look at this festival. You could buy a lot of merchandise stuff there! My friends joined me and I forced my sister to wear one of my school uniforms *lol*. We had a funny time together and we will probably attend the festival next year again. Btw, the tickets for 2016 will be available in November this year!

FantasyBasel_1School Girl (Enma Ai) Cosplay
Unfortunately my eyes were hurting on that day,
so I couldn’t wear my red lenses T_TFantasyBasel_2Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl
enmaaiseifukuFantasyBasel_3FantasyBasel_4waiting…FantasyBasel_5Mokeke ^_^FantasyBasel_7Iron Man vs. Son GokuFantasyBasel_6FantasyBasel_8 FantasyBasel_9a FantasyBasel_9Star Wars & School Girls >w<FantasyBasel_19Sister ♡FantasyBasel_18FantasyBasel_10FantasyBasel_15Pair Look :D FantasyBasel_16Rotten Art by Claudia Rindler – I love her work!FantasyBasel_11  Make up~FantasyBasel_14muahahaha creepy isn’t it?  FantasyBasel_12FantasyBasel_13awww Golum xDFantasyBasel_17Disney ArtistFantasyBasel_24Olaf from FrozenFantasyBasel_25and group shootFantasyBasel_26FantasyBasel_27Lots of merchandise~FantasyBasel_20kawaiiiii plushiesFantasyBasel_23( ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄) FantasyBasel_22Japanese SweetsFantasyBasel_21bFantasyBasel_21Art worksFantasyBasel_28pretty necklacesFantasyBasel_29One of my favourite pictures ^o^
Sister checking out the live art *g*FantasyBasel_30FantasyBasel_31GamersFantasyBasel_32CosplayFantasyBasel_33Mario & Luigi!!FantasyBasel_34

5 responses to “Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2015

  1. Sehr cooles Event, da würde ich glatt auch mal gerne hingehen. Ich bin zwar eigentlich kein großer Comic oder Games Fan oder so, aber es sieht trotzdem nach einer Menge Spaß aus! Eine kleine verrückte Welt für sich. Außerdem ist meine beste Freundin ein riesen Japan und Cosplay Fan – für sie wäre das auf jeden Fall etwas. =)

    GLG, Sabrina

  2. You look great as Hell Girl. It’s been a long time since I watched that anime. I liked it, but I was never able to watch the last season T_T . I’ll find the way to watch it.. someday… it’s a cool series.
    Mario and Luigi… they look enormous! How tall were they?

  3. Echt tolle Bilder und Eindrücke ^^
    Ich hab auch ein Video auf YT zu dem Event gesehen gehabt und es wirkte echt cool auf mich ^^

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