Tokyo Haneda Airport


 It’s the final countdown… tralalalalalaa \(^ ^)/

Ok ok, let’s finish this! I hope that all the travel diaries didn’t bother you too much and you guys enjoyed reading my posts!

So, let me give you some impressions of Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport). Did you know that there is a Edo-style village in the airport? I really enjoyed the walk through the shops and restaurants. You can experience a unique Japanese ambience in this area of the airport. But that is not all! If you pass the Edo hall and go one floor higher, you will arrive at the Tokyo Pop Town where you will found a lot of cool character shops. It is separated in two zones – Hot Zone and Cool Zone. You can go and buy some toys and lovely Funassyi, Hello Kitty, Shirotan or many other kawaii Japanese character souvenirs. Use the opportunity to arrive early at the airport, so that you have some time to look around the Tokyo Pop Town ant the Edo village.

AirportTokyo_1 AirportTokyo_5
AirportTokyo_1aShort break AirportTokyo_6The Edo Hall:AirportTokyo_2 AirportTokyo_3AirportTokyo_4 AirportTokyo_3aWelcome to the Hot Zone: AirportTokyo_7Sirotan AirportTokyo_8 AirportTokyo_9Character Shop AirportTokyo_10 AirportTokyo_11Hello Kitty Shop AirportTokyo_12Planes from all around the world AirportTokyo_13 AirportTokyo_14Welcome to the Cool Zone:AirportTokyo_15Funassyi!! AirportTokyo_16 AirportTokyo_17 AirportTokyo_18 AirportTokyo_19Mono Shop AirportTokyo_20A cafe and with a Planetarium! AirportTokyo_21 AirportTokyo_22Bye bye T_T AirportTokyo_23Flight meal AirportTokyo_24

2 responses to “Tokyo Haneda Airport

  1. Ich liebe Haneda für so viele Gründe. Ist näher zum Zentrum von Tokyo und ist sehr schön gemacht. ^^ Leider gehen meine Flüge nur selten dort hin.

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