How to find Korea Town in Japan | Shin-Okubo Travel Diary


Hi there! Long time no see!
(…it’s so hard to blog during summer time >w<)

Soon I will be finish with my travel diary, finally! (Well, I still have plenty of other travel stories to blog about, but they won’t be about Japan, promised *lol*) So on my last day before I went back home, I spent a nice time with my lovely Japanese friend Y♥. Another friend of mine recommended me to visit the Korea Town in Shin-Okubo. I knew that Japanese people were addicted to Korean bands, beauty stuff, dramas and so on, but I didn’t even know that there is a Korea Town in Japan!

You can find a lot of shops, which sells Korean cosmetics, food and especially merchandise of famous bands, actors and and and. Since I am a big fan of Jang Geun Suk + Lee Hong-gi *_* (thanks to the drama He’s beautiful 미남이시네요 > click for the movie review) I couldn’t resist to buy some souvenirs. I bought a postcard set – most of them were hanging on my bedroom wall now (^^♪. When you visit the Korea Town, I recommend you to have a cup of coffee or tea at “Coffee Prince” コーヒープリンス and do not forget to order some waffles! They will decorate your coffee or waffles with a really kawaii motif!

KoreaTowninJapan_1 KoreaTowninJapan_2 KoreaTowninJapan_3Korean Heaven  xD KoreaTowninJapan_4 KoreaTowninJapan_5 KoreaTowninJapan_6 KoreaTowninJapan_7 KoreaTowninJapan_8 KoreaTowninJapan_9 KoreaTowninJapan_10 KoreaTowninJapan_11 KoreaTowninJapan_12 KoreaTowninJapan_13At Coffee Prince
KoreaTowninJapan_14 KoreaTowninJapan_15 KoreaTowninJapan_16 KoreaTowninJapan_17Totoro Art (*´▽`*) KoreaTowninJapan_18 KoreaTowninJapan_17b KoreaTowninJapan_17cLovely Y♡ Hope to see you soon again!! KoreaTowninJapan_18a

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