Things to do in Rosolina Mare, Italy | Travel Diary

Hi everyone!

Let’s move on to my travel diary about Italy! My BFF and I decided to spend a little time in our neighbouring country. We both had the same wish: to see the beach. (*´∀`*) After struggling through all the hotels on, we finally landed in Rosolina Mare, which is just a little south of Venice. From our hotel we could see the beach and the village was very calm and peaceful. Relaxation was definitely guaranteed in Rosolina Mare. For short trips or beach holidays it is certainly a nice place to be. Beside the beach, we visited the Botanical Garden, which wasn’t interesting at all… (´・-・。) I was expecting to see some flowers and exotic plants… but all I could see, was a big jungle of dense undergrowth. When you are planning to do some holidays in Rosolina Mare, I highly recommend you to have dinner at the restaurant La Traverna. They have a lot of Italian specialities and their interior looks very nice. We went there every evening and the food was very yummy. I especially enjoyed the mussles, oh I love seafood so much! Delicious food and the beautiful moments at the beach turned our holidays into an relaxing experience ♪

aww, my baby had to stay at home >w<Leaving cloudy SwitzerlandThe motorway ticket in Italy…
Our Hotel

Lovely sunny weather! Botanical Garden: with my sweet friends :) bestie Sunbathing~Pair look?? *g* Breakfast at Hotel Milan:Dinner at La Traverna:Time went by so quickly…


3 responses to “Things to do in Rosolina Mare, Italy | Travel Diary

  1. Nice pictures Miho, was just browsing internet and found your little site, nice reading. I also travel lot for work and would be happy to share my traveling experiences with you or any other communications, I actually have a little web site myself, please feel free to visit there and tell me what you think, look forward to more communications..hugz Billy

  2. So schöne Bilder! Du hast es so gut, dass du nicht so weit von Italien entfernt wohnst! :3 Ich würde sonst auch einfach mal rüber fahren.

    Vielen lieben Dank übrigens für deinen Brief! *__* ♥ Ich hab mich sehr sehr gefreut, ihn aber leider erst jetzt ab Wochenende bekommen, weil du die Adresse meiner Eltern hast. ;) Kenne nur leider deine Adresse nicht, sonst würde ich dir gerne antworten. <3
    Und um auf deine Frage zurück zu kommen: joa, also ich gehe mittlerweile wieder öfter auf Conventions. Hatte so ab Anfang 20 ne kleine Pause eingelegt und seit letztem Jahr gehe ich wieder öfter. :) Hoffe du kannst auch mal zur LBM kommen! Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, ansonsten kann ich dir hier auch die Animagic oder Connichi empfehlen. :)
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Hallo Liebes :)

      Die Post ist ja fleissig :D das geht immer so ruck zuck ^^ bitte gernegeschehen!

      Ihr habt so viele Conventions, ich sollte die mal alle in meine Agenda notieren xD

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