Easy Non-Heat Curls

Hello Darlings! ヽ(*’-^*)。

Have you ever thought about having nice curly hair without using heat? Sometimes I like to change my natural straight hair into soft beach waves. I am quite cautious when it comes to my hair; I rarely use a hairdryer, I always use hair conditioner and treat them with hair oil or moisturizing cream after showering. Lately, I am even thinking about buying a silk cover for my sleeping pillow – silk has many benefits for your hair.

Up to now I used a curling iron but when you don’t often use it (a good example is ME ( ̄个 ̄)), it takes pretty long time to arrange your hair (and at the end, if one is lucky, it turns out good… or it becomes a hairy mess *lol*). I watched a lot of hair tutorials on Youtube and was seeking for other easier ways to get curls. Whether with a hair straightener, pencils or socks (yes, socks (^▽^笑)!), all the methods didn’t really satisfy me.

Some weeks ago, my Mum braided my nearly dry but still a bit wet hair before I went to bed. The next day, I opened it and *tadaaa* I had lovely curls! I already knew that braiding is a great and easy way to get nice curls, but on that day, I really noticed that this is the healthiest and simplest method to make non-heat beach waves.

Which curling method do you use to get beautiful waves?

1. Step: Wash your hair and let them dry.
>> Attention! When your hair is too wet, you don’t get nice curls.
2. Step: Braid your hair and go sleeping (or wait several hours).

3. Step: Style your hair!
PS. Fix it with hair spray or mousse.

Two ponytails makes one younger (≧∇≦)


4 responses to “Easy Non-Heat Curls

  1. I’m so happy (and a little jealous) this works for you!! Lol whenever I try, my hair is straight again within an hour or less 🥺

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