Japanese Bazaar in Bern 2013

Bern_2013 (30)

Hi there!

Just a short update of today’s sunny Sunday! I have been to Bern to a Japanese Bazaar. (Bern Nipponjin-Kai ベルン日本人会) I was very excited to meet my favorite Japanese breads: メロンパン Melonpan ♥ アンパン Anpan ~ you two are irresistible!

 Can you see the little dots?
Luckily I don’t have any pollen allergy! Bern_2013 (28)Bern_2013 (26)Bern_2013 (25)Bern_2013 (24)Bern_2013 (23)Bern_2013 (22)They look awesome >o<Bern_2013 (21)Yummy bread from Hiro TakahashiBern_2013 (20)Matcha Cakes!Bern_2013 (19)Bern_2013 (18)Bern_2013 (17)Bern_2013 (16)My Sis bought a cat sewing kit (*´◡`*)Bern_2013 (15)Bern_2013 (14)Bern_2013 (13)Bern_2013 (12)Bern_2013 (11)All mine!Bern_2013 (10)Bern_2013 (9)Bern_2013 (8)Bern_2013 (7)Bern_2013 (6)Bern_2013 (5)Bern_2013 (4)Bern_2013 (3)Bern_2013 (2)

3 responses to “Japanese Bazaar in Bern 2013

  1. Everything looks so yummy *^* And you also look super cute!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and also for the follow on twitter!
    Kisses <3

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