Japanese Charity Bazaar Zug 2012

I still have to do my school works, so I’ll leave you with some pictures of the Charity Bazaar in Zug, Switzerland.  I did the washing up, helped in the kitchen, ate Sushi at lunch, bought delicious sweet buns from Hiro Takahashi and had a funny chat with my friends. I can’t wait to help again the next year ^^!

Bazaar_2012 (16) Bazaar_2012 (15)50 pieces more than last year!Bazaar_2012 (14)Bazaar_2012 (13)Inarizushi – some people like it… I don’t T_TBazaar_2012 (12)Bazaar_2012 (11)Hiro Takahashi’s yummy japanese buns!Bazaar_2012 (10)Bazaar_2012 (9)Bazaar_2012 (8)Bazaar_2012 (7)Bazaar_2012 (6)Bazaar_2012 (5)Something new: Croissant filled
with Anko (sweet red bean paste)
It was awesome!Bazaar_2012 (4)Bought a sweet bun from Takahashi! It was sooo delicious ♥Bazaar_2012 (3)


3 responses to “Japanese Charity Bazaar Zug 2012

  1. It was a lot of fun :D. Almost like being back in Japan. Sadly Hiro Takahashi’s goods were sold out before I arrived!
    I hope I can visit his bakery sometime. Maybe we should organise a group trip there! I’m sure Niko would come as well. ^_^

    • 楽しかったね (^o^)丿
      That would be nice! I always wanted to pay a visit to Hiro Takahashi’s Bakery :)
      Let’s organise a group trip the next time (^^♪

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