Pure Chocolate Muffins | Recipe

pure-chocolate-muffin-recipe-4My school colleague was of the opinion that he have to try one of my Muffins that’s why I simply made some chocolate Muffins to fulfill his wish.

For 8 Chocolate Muffins you need:

100g chocolate
125g butter
1 egg
40g sugar
110g flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 package of vanilla sugar

oven baking temperature: 185 C°
baking time: ~30min

1. Melt chocolate at low temperature
2. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla sugar together until it becomes creamy
3. Add the egg and continue mixing
4. Mix the flour with the baking powder and add it to the butter-sugar-mixture.
5. Add the melted chocolate and mix everything very well
6. Fill the dough into the baking cups and decorate them if you like
7. Bake the Muffins for about 30min and let them cool completely on a rack

pure-chocolate-muffin-recipe-1 pure-chocolate-muffin-recipe-2


5 responses to “Pure Chocolate Muffins | Recipe

  1. Woooow they look so good!!! Richtig schoggig :D we baked some too the other day and surprisingly they turned out good! The smarties on the dark chocolate look so cute!!!

  2. Nommy nommy muffins! Your posts are always filled with delicious things! =D I finally caught up with your posts! Awww that’s sweet of your mum to bring back so much nice things for you! I wonder if my mum would’ve done the same hahaha When I went to Tokyo I horded the magazines too! They are so cheap there and if I buy them at home it’s 3x the price!!! Ridiculous! I also tend to buy the magazines because of the free gifts that come with them hahahaha so bad ><

    Clamp is the best!!! I was sort of disappointed in their manga Wish though, I think they changed the leading artist and I guess the style isn't one I like but I love Chobits and Rayearth! But I have no idea what their new stuff is, do you? If so tell me! I've been out of the manga loop for too long hahaha makes me feel old XD

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