Lolita Afternoon Tea – Miyuko 2011

Unbenannt-1 Sunday Funnyday ♥ Dollyday Loliday ♥ Sugarsweetday
in a nutshell:
The Gothic Lolita Afternoon Tea Party was an unforgettable event! A meeting with lots of pretty girls (and boys) from Switzerland and Germany. For a long time I wanted to have a look at the café Les Gourmandises de Miyuko so therefore I was very excited to visit it. I was not disappointed – the small café had a very cozy ambience, it was decorated in asian style and offered a perfect atmosphere  for our Lolita Tea Meeting.

By the way: my long awaited dream came true! I finally met my Blog Idol Laurita. I was so happy to meet her live! And I was very thrilled to see ねこちゃん again, then the last time I met her was in July. We had so much fun together. The two girls made my day! I know everybody is busy with school, exams and studying but I hope that we find some free time to have a blast someday.

Lastly, I like to add my THANKS to Les Gourmanises de Miyuko for the great opportunity to meet the beautiful Lolita girls and the gorgeous food, which was made with so much effort and love.  I hope to visit this pretty café again soon and I can’t wait to sign up for the next Loli Tea Party (*^^)v

Les Gourmandises de Miyuko

loliafternoontea111wall deco loliafternoontea10 loliafternoontea5loliafternoontea23 loliafternoontea4 loliafternoontea3 loliafternoontea1

tea and patisserie

loliafternoontea12everything was so lovely! loliafternoontea11 loliafternoontea15 loliafternoontea9kawaiiii! loliafternoontea14 loliafternoontea13 loliafternoontea8 loliafternoontea19pink tea~ ^^
it had a taste of cinnamonloliafternoontea25heart scone loliafternoontea20Matcha-Tiramisu (?)loliafternoontea21 loliafternoontea22 loliafternoontea24

Workshops & Activities

loliafternoontea27playing “pictionary”loliafternoontea30decorate your own macaron! loliafternoontea32 loliafternoontea28Laurita~♥
she was very concentrated ^^loliafternoontea33 loliafternoonteaVoilà – Miho’s Macaronsloliafternoontea34 loliafternoontea35

Pretty Lolitas

loliafternoontea7omg – lots of pretty dolls!!!loliafternoontea6 loliafternoontea41 loliafternoontea44 loliafternoontea16 loliafternoontea29 loliafternoontea31 loliafternoontea17Laurita’s last photo shoot before her camera stopped working…loliafternoontea18 loliafternoontea26 loliafternoontea37 loliafternoontea43 loliafternoontea42 loliafternoontea39 loliafternoontea40 loliafternoontea36paparazzi~ loliafternoontea38 loligirls*♥*B*♥*E*♥*A*♥*U*♥*T*♥*I*♥*E*♥*S*♥**♥**♥**♥**♥**♥**♥**♥**♥**♥* loliafternoontea2


15 responses to “Lolita Afternoon Tea – Miyuko 2011

  1. Miho-chan!! What a fabulos post – the photos make me want to visit that cafe >o< it looks like everyone had such a fun time. Decorating macarons is something I definitely want to try one day :)

    • the café was really one of the highlights! In Switzerland i’s very difficult to find such a like Miyuko.
      I would like to make my own macarons at home, unfortunately I am too busy at the moment T_T

  2. *haha* you are the fastest blogger XD” The photos are really nice, I like how you captured the wonderfully decorated food servings ^^
    Actually during the macaron-decorating I was really really concentrated I didn’t even remember you taking photos XD” and I completely missed the ‘dictionary’ game.
    I agree that it was a great day! Let’s have another meet-up soon! ❤

    • thankYOU ^^ The photos took me the most time *lol* >w<
      I will send you & Neko-chan some pictures without my label.
      Do you know any file-sharing websites where you can encrypt the files with a password?

  3. Oh my.. I look really awful on these pictures! Anyway, thanky for sharing them! I already sent you one picture via FB but it won’t appear when I’m clicking on your profile. (I guess I’m a restricted friend there ;) I will sent you tons of pictures as soon as I’m done with my blog entry *≧▽≦) !
    And yes, we should absolutely meet again!

    • No you don’t look awful – you look so sweet (~∇~* )))!
      According to my picture on FB, I am hiding every kind of Lolita on my FB xD it’s my little secret! *g*
      I already told it Laurita, I will send you some pictures without my label, but I didn’t find a suitable file-sharing website yet. If you have a good one in mind – let me know ^^

  4. Omg all the dresses and outfits are sooo pretty! The food is adorable! I love the cute touches with the bows! hahaha I wanna go to a lolita meet up just to snap photos LOL and eat the food of course =P Oh I never watched “slit mouth woman” but my sister did! I only saw a few scenes and it was pretty creepy!!! I still think The Ring is the scariest movie I’ve seen, it still haunts me to this day! That’s when I know a movie is creepy hahaha

    • It was really a kawaii world – a little Lolita paradise (#>∀<#)
      “The Ring” is probably one of the well known horror film (we have 3 DVDs at home >∀<) If you are scared, just turn of the tone – I did that when I watched “The Grudge”. The movie becomes harmless *hahaa* xD

  5. Appreciating the commitment you put into your blog and detailed information you present. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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