How to make a Plum Tart & Muffin | Recipe

I recently picked some plums from our plum tree and suddenly I had the idea to make a plum tart!

What you need is…

ready-made dough or you can make it on your own with 200g flour, 80g butter and 100cc water

for filling

plums (or prunes)
ground almonds

2 eggs
200cc milk
2 teaspoon of corn flour (you can also use normal flour)
3 teaspoon of sugar (if you like you can add more sugar)
1 package of vanilla sugar

oven baking temperature: 220 C°
baking time: ~40min

1. Roll out dough into a tart pan and lightly prick pastry base with a fork
2. Wash and halve plums, remove pits
3. I filled the bottom of the tart with ground almonds (you can also use hazelnut if you like)
4. Fill the tart with the halved plums (skin sides down)
5. Mix eggs, milk, corn flour, sugar and vanilla sugar together. Fill the tart with mixture.

prune-tart-muffin-recipe-4 prune-tart-muffin-recipe-3 prune-tart-muffin-recipe-1 prune-tart-muffin-recipe-6 prune-tart-muffin-recipe-5 prune-tart-muffin-recipe-7 prune-tart-muffin-recipe-8

I still had some egg-milk-mixture left, so I added some more sugar, flour and some pieces of plums and voila…. ready is the muffin dough!



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