Kawaii Memo Pads – My Cute Haul From Japan

There are a lot of things in Japan that I usually do not really need in my life… but how can I resist when everything is so super duper cute?! *long sigh* at least it brings me a lot of joy, haha! I found some really cute stationary in Japan and I wanted to show you my haul/souvenir in this blog post:

  • Rilakkuma & Sumikkogurashi
    I am actually not that into San-X characters, but I really like Korilakkuma and Tokage from Sumikkogurashi! And I have a weakness for animal themed items and as you guys can imagine, I found one of the cutest Rilakkuma and Sumikkogurashi memos in Japan. They even had a letter set with the same pattern, there was no chance to say ‘no’ – it landed straight into my shopping cart H-E-L-P *g*!
  • Mofusand
    This little kitty cat got such a hype during the past few month! I have seen these cat artworks probably on Instagram for the first time and I started to buy LINE stickers, because it was literally love at first sight. I love the simple cat illustration combined with Sushi, Sweets or Sharks! The art is extremely adorable and I am so happy when I saw Juno’s art as different merchandise all over Japan.
  • Sanrio/Hapidanbui Special Collaboration
    There was a little stationary pop-up store at Laforet in Harajuku and I was so lucky that I could buy one of the cutest (and now one of my most favourite) memo pads. The pop-up store was running from April 15th to April 26th and I was there just on the very last day! They had Sanrio Characters collaborating with the Anime Tokyo Revengers and Digimon as well as a Hapidanbui collaboration with Ojamajo Doremi! They are absolutely adorable and it slightly hurts to use the paper, but stationary is here for use, right?!

I just love every single memo pad and I do not regret buying it! Do you have a precious stationary item from Japan? Tell me ^_^


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