Where to find cheap Karel Capek Tea | Only 1 USD and Worldwide Shipping!

If you know the Karel Capek tea brand from Japan, you will probably know that it is not a cheap tea. Furthermore, it is impossible to find it, if you do not live in or near Japan. I bought my very first tea from Karel Capek back in 2018 – the cute Pokémon Garden special edition – which I found randomly at the Pokémon Center. I never paid that much attention to this tea brand since then, but thanks to penpalling, I am totally obsessed with these cute tea bags from illustrator and book artist Utako Yamada! Now I deeply regret that I did not keep any of the Pokémon tea bag…

I recently found an online teashop from Singapore called teadora.co selling many different tea bags from Karel Capek for a very reasonable price! It is quite difficult to find Karel Capek tea bags separately. Most of the shops are selling the tea in boxes or sets, which can become quite expensive. Teadora.co offers individual tea bags, which I appreciate very much and the shop offers worldwide shipping. I had to contact the shop at first via email, because Switzerland was not listed on the shipping list, but I quickly got an answer from Alice and she made the shipping possible for $20 (registered mail) for twenty tea bags. The package arrived within two weeks! I also got one tea bag for free. Dear Alice, I would hereby thank you once again for your speedy delivery and your lovely help. I cannot wait to order more Karel Capek Tea from you again!

Teadora.co | Singapore
Worldwide Shipping
Karel Capek Tea from $1!

The following teas are Special Editions and not available @ teadora.co!

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