Discover Camden Town & Cyberdog

Are you looking for fancy clothing, accessories or unusual items? In Camden Town, you will find several markets, selling fashion for all tastes! I had this places on my bucket list for so long and I really wanted to visit the crazy clothing shop called “Cyberdog”. Not because I wanted to buy Rave clothing or other festival fashion – it was rather the curiosity to see the fancy and rare interior! With all the robots/aliens and colorful illumination, the shop was somehow a little museum for me and definitely worth a visit. Beside the Cyberdog, there was another clothing shop where I wanted to have a look at. The Sai Sai sells Lolita, Goth, (Steam)Punk, & Fetish fashion and I was hoping to find some Lolita dresses there. The shop had several dresses, but sadly nothing that meet my taste.

Cyberdog (trance music and cyber clothing/accessory retail chain)
Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AH, UK


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