One Night at the Chedi Andermatt | 5-Star Deluxe Hotel

ALPINE, ASIAN, AUTHENTIC. That’s how the five-star deluxe hotel ‘The Chedi’ describes their hotel. It was always a dream of mine to spend a night at this extraordinary hotel. Also a big impact had my favourite Youtuber Michelle Phan – I remember that she posted some pictures of Andermatt on her Instagram story many years ago, where she spent some nights at The Chedi. I never thought that I would ever spend “holidays” in Switzerland, but somehow due to COVID-19 and all the missing people and tourists, we could profit from a very good discount. Usually, you pay around 1’000 Swiss Francs for 1 night (2 persons), however, thanks to the pre-booking & full pre-payment method, we could get a nice Deluxe Room for half of the usual price. Just make sure to book your stay directly on their website.

The Chedi lies in the charming village of Andermatt, where it is surrounded by the naturally stunning Swiss Alps. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts and it is one of central Switzerland’s largest ski resort. Due to Whit Monday (and corona) mostly all of the shops and restaurants were closed in the village and the weather was not that good, so we just enjoyed some lovely hours in our hotel room, at the pool and treated ourselves with some yummy cocktails and food. The service was very good and the Alpine chic interior looked very nice. The pool was smaller than expected, a bit crowded, but we were lucky to find a place to sit down. The inside and outside pool was excellent to relax and enjoy. All the staff were very friendly and professional, overall it was an absolute pleasure to stay at this hotel. Expensive but it was definitely worth it!

The Chedi Andermatt
Gotthardstrasse 4, 6490 Andermatt, Switzerland
+41 41 888 74 88


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