Tokyo Skytree | Tokyo’s Tallest Tower

Here we are, back in Toyko, counting the last days before heading back to Switzerland. On our last days, we went up the tallest building in Tokyo: the Tokyo Skytree! The Tokyo Skytree is 634m high, the Tokyo Tower is 333m high. It was my first time visiting the Tokyo Skytree, so I was very excited to see Tokyo from a different angle. I usually visit the Tokyo Tower, I just love the iconic red and white coloured tower so much! If you visit the Tokyo Skytree, you can go up to different Floors. The Tembo Galleria is on Floor 450 (=450m) and the Tembo Deck is on Floor 350 (=350m). If you like to visit both, I recommend you to buy the combo ticket. The view that I am going to show you now, is only from the lower deck (the Tembo Deck). We just went there very spontaneously without online tickets or advanced reservation, but we could easy get tickets and the waiting time didn’t take very long. The Tokyo Skytree, but also the Tokyo Tower, have special exhibitions or events, so if you can’t decide, which Tower you should visit, the topic of the exhibition might help you to decide. Especially Anime related themes are very popular, sometimes it can be One Piece, Evangelion, Bungou Stray Dogs or other famous Anime. The current exhibition when we visited the Skytree was PERSONA5. Most of the people love to visit the tower at sunset or sunrise, which makes the view even more spectacular. However, it will be definitely more crowded than during daytime. I visited the Tokyo Tower at night many many years ago, which was also very impressive. In a nutshell, visiting the Tokyo Skytree was a great memory and the views from the top were worth it. Yep, it’s a typical “touristy” thing to do in Tokyo, but I believe that certain popular attractions are still worthy of checking out and the Skytree is one of them.

Tokyo Skytree
1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-8634, Japan
+81 570-550-634

Opening Hours
09:00 – 20:00

Adult Fee
Tembo Deck (350m): ¥2’100 (¥2’300 Holidays)
Tembo Galleria (450m): ¥1’000 (¥1’100 Holidays)
Combo Ticket: ¥3’100 (¥3’400 Holidays)


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