Things to do in Vancouver Canada

Travelling has never been so difficult as in 2020! The corona virus messed up all my travel plans, but at least I am happy to stay healthy. Hope you are all doing well too! Even if I mostly spend my time at home, you guys know that I still have some travel memories from the past, that I didn’t post yet. Today I am going to take you to my solo travel in Canada in 2017. You might remember that it was the year, where I was a very busy traveller (hopping from one country to the other every month). It was also the year, where I often travelled alone or at least with super cool people from all around the world! After I made some super great experiences with the travel community for travelers under 30 (check out my travel diary with Contiki Tours in Scandinavia), I decided to book another group travel but this time with Topdeck. I personally made great experiences with both tour operators and they actually work very similar (program, theme music, people etc.). I arrived 3 days before the group tour started, so that I could see as much as possible from Vancouver city before heading into the nature and wildlife of Canada. It was a great decision and I could even meet a former blogger Sukipooki, where we had a super lovely afternoon tea and chat. It felt like meeting a good old friend (we have never actually meet us in real life before). She was super nice and I am still thankful that she was taking extra time to meet me!

So beside the heavenly afternoon tea at ‘Patisserie Für Elise’ I visited the cat cafe CATFÉ in Vancouver’s Chinatown and the Vancouver Aquarium (detailed blog post follows). I walked a lot around Vancouver city and I really recommend you guys to have a walk at the largest public park in Vancouver – Stanley Park! Vancouver also has a lot of Asian supermarkets, so don’t forget to check them out, if you love Asian make-up, food or anything else! (Some to mention: T&T Supermarket, H Mart, Asia Market, Konbiniya Japan Centre, Kim’s Mart). There are many more things that Vancouver offers, I listed up some museum and sightseeing spots below.

The currency of Canada is the Canadian Dollar. 1 Canadian Dollar is about 0.69 Swiss Franc / 0.74 US dollar (2020).

In Canada the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.

All cities and most major towns have a public transportation system (bus, train, subway). I cannot give you any detailed information about the transportation, since I walked a lot around Vancouver and for the national parks we travelled by coach.

…Museum of Anthropology
…Bill Reid Gallery
…Science World
…Museum of Vancouver
…Beauty Biodiversity Museum
…Vancouver Art Gallery
…BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
…Vancouver Police Museum
…Vancouver Maritime Museum
…Vancouver Aquarium

Stanley-Park, a lush peninsula of huge trees adjacent to Downtown Vancouver
Granville Island, island public market
Grouse Mountain
Kitsilano Beach
Gastown, it is a national historic site and a neighbourhood
Capilano Suspension Bridge, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver
Vancouver Lookout, Explore 360 degree views of the city
VanDusen Botanical Garden

Off we go~Vancouver International AirportI paid 7.85 CAD from the Airport to Vancouver CityMy hotel in Vancouver
Hotel Ambassador

CANADA DRY~ Vancouver has a lot of Asian supermarkets! Shopping Centre: Pacific Centre Having a walk around Stanley Park I really love this picture *g* There are totem poles at Stanley Park Canadian SouvenirsMarple Syrup everywhere!This package – so cute!Look at this choice of marple syrup!Afternoon Tea @ Patisserie für Elise

Vancouver Aquarium Cat Café CATFÉThere are a lot of Asian Markets around Vancouver!

Breakfast @ the TempletonLunch @ Guu Garden

Ramen @ Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

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