Where to find Reusable Face Masks in Switzerland

Facial masks (single use or washable) became one of human’s best friend lately. In other countries, it’s almost a must and masks are (finally) obligatory for passengers using the Swiss public transport (from 6th July 2020 onwards). People have to wear a face mask when using the train, bus, tram, ship, mountain rail as well as cableways. I personally think that this is the right decision (although they could have started way earlier with these regulations – but better than never, right?). A lot of people here in Switzerland forgot the pandemic completely as soon as the shops and restaurants reopened and behave like the virus have never existed… unbelievable.

Anyway, back to the topic: Facial Masks! Since masks are becoming popular and very important these days, I wanted to share some useful information about where to find reusable face mask in Switzerland (and some from abroad) and I prepared some personal reviews below. It’s not that easy as I thought, especially if you are looking for cute face masks – and most importantly, it had to arrive fast, be immediately available and not that expensive including shipping fees). Another important point is the comfort of the mask (but this is quite difficult to say if you purchase masks online, so I had no other choice than to trust the reviews on the sites). Fabric masks are reusable, made with love and saves the planet and your purse ;-)

Before I start with the list and review, here are some important points that you have to know about face masks:

The size is very important and you will need to ensure that your mask is not too small. The classic single-use blue face masks have three-layers, are certified (EN14683) and have the size of 17.5 x 9cm.

If you use a face mask, make sure to cover your mouth AND nose carefully and put it on securely so that there are no gaps between your face and the mask. The mask should go under your chin. Don’t touch the hygiene mask while using it. If you remove it, clean your hands and only touch the ear loops/band. Gently lift and remove the mask (avoid touching the front of the mask). Throw the mask in a trash (single-use) or in your washing machine (fabric masks). Don’t forget to wash your hands again.

Here is a great example of how you should not wear a face mask. Would you wear your underwear like this? Source: Energy.ch

Shape & Type
There are several types of face mask – from surgical or medical masks or homemade fabric masks. Regarding reusable masks, there are different shapes, materials and patterns available. Some look like surgical masks (round/oval shape) and others have the typical shape of the blue medical mask (rectangle with 3 evenly-spaced pleats). Choose material that filters out infectious particles (for example dish towel or cotton). Masks with minimum two layers or more are the best choice.

Source: hcmarbella.com

In the first place, wearing a mask doesn’t protect you from getting sick – but it protects others in case you are sick, most importantly if you are an asymptomatic carrier. Some fabric masks are not that effective than advanced single-use masks, but there are still some out there with improved technology. The BAG (Federal Office of Public Health short FOPH) recommends certified masks in the first place. All in all, I believe and personally think that it is better to WEAR A mask , no matter of what material it is made. If we all wear masks, we can help each other. Last but not least, keep in mind that masks do not replace or relieve the need of other hygiene measures such as hand washing or keeping your distance!

When buying online
If you buy masks online, make sure to check the shipping & custom fee. Depending on the shop, the shipping fee in Switzerland is around CHF 7 ~ 9. If you buy some abroad, I recommend you to check the custom fees in particular, otherwise you might buy a cheap mask but – including the custom fees – it becomes more expensive at the end.

Thank you to everyone who send me some recommendations and links on this topic! If you know any other good websites or friends who make handmade face masks, feel free to leave a comment below!

Take care and stay safe everyone! Let’s fight against the corona virus together!

For detailed information, please check the BAG/FOPH site.

~Personal Review~

Model: Chirurgenmaske Doodle Black Cat DM0002
Material: Certified. Three layers. Outside: Printed Polyester, Middle: 95% Polyester & 5% Elastane, Inside: 100% Viscose
Price: CHF 19.95 (CHF 21.85 incl. shipping fee)
Shipping or other fee:
CHF 1.90 A-Post
The mask is very comfortable to wear, light and the shipping was super fast! Nevertheless, I was first a little disappointed of the print, because it looked better on the picture than “live”. The elastic bands are a bit big for me, so I probably have to adjust it.
Within 4 days. Immediately available. Ordered on the 2nd July 2020 – arrived on the 4th July 2020
Link: https://www.gamaro.ch/
This mask was tested in Switzerland by SQTS (Swiss Quality Testing Services) and corresponds to the recommendations of the “Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force”.
Note: Ordered @ Gamaro, but the brand is originally from doodletheoriginal.com

Model: Fabric mask from Hailys (White/Pink)
Material: Two layers. Outside: 100% Polyester, Inside: 100% Cotton
Price: CHF 8.90
Shipping or other fee: Free shipping
Review: Very good price for its quality. I like the opening for the filter (you will get two for free with the mask). My favourite part are the adjustable elastic bands. One negative point is that the material is quite thick, so it gets quite warm with the mask (especially now for summer).
Within 6 days. Immediately available. Ordered on the 1st July 2020 – arrived on the 7th July 2020
Link: https://www.aboutyou.ch/p/hailys/stoffmaske-4848419

ETSY.com @ Sixoaksandco
Model: Cherry Pattern (Color White)
Two layers. 100% Cotton
CHF 12.79
Shipping or other fee:
Free Shipping from USA
It was love at first sight! I found this super cute cherry mask on ETSY. The size and form was a little unique (as you can see on the picture below), but it was all fine, until I put it on. No adjustable elastic bands, but comfortable.
Within 14 days. Immediately available. Ordered on the 2nd July 2020 – arrived on the 16th July 2020
Link: Etsy.com

ETSY.com @ evermineshop
Model: Japanese Wave Pattern (Dark Blue) – Size S
Three layers. Outside: 100% Cotton, Middle: Non-Woven 55% Viscose & 45% Polyester, Inside: 100% Bio-Cotton
CHF 13.84 (CHF 18.26 incl. shipping fee)
Shipping or other fee:
CHF 4.42 from Spain
Personally, I cannot tell you, how the mask is, since it was a present for my bf, but I can definitely tell you, that it has a super cool design! We ordered size S, which fits perfectly and following to my bf, it is very comfortable to wear.
Within 9 days. Immediately available. Ordered on the 2nd July 2020 – arrived on the 11th July 2020
Link: Etsy.com

Other Shops


Druckbar.media.ch (on request)
Certified Community-Masks (Swisstextiles.ch)

Handmade and Swiss made with Love:
Sarah’s Neverland
Janika Näh- und Dekoatelier

My favourite shops are: Evermineshop, Sixoaksandco, WanderingThruTime, MerryEve, ManisteeVintage, MadameJoRe, IHeartArtsbyHanna, OneTwelveArdsley, UnicornTrusted, PunkyPinkCow, SoFineDesigns
Just search on Google or IG for face mask – it won’t last long and your feed will be full with sponsored (safety masks) post!
Thanks to Instagram I found the lovely cat mask @ Gamaro.The Vampire’s Wife
Shopdisney.comMaskclub.eu (UK only)

Stay safe everyone!


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