Contiki Tour: Stockholm – Sweden

Final stop: Stockholm! We are ending this Contiki journey with this blog post. It was always a dream of me to visit Sweden and I will definitely go back again someday (my stay there was way too short – I loved the city so much!). Did you know that Hayao Miyazaki got inspired by the Old Town Gamla Stan in Stockholm for the Ghibli movie Kiki’s Delivery Service?

So what did we do on our last day in Stockholm? First of all, we opened a can of Surströmming (a fermented herring, a famous delicacy in Sweden) right after we arrive at our hotel. Attention – never ever open this can inside a building!! The smell is dangerous – trust me – but it was a funny experiment, haha! In the evening, we had a lovely dinner (yummy Köttbullar, the traditional Swedish meatballs) and we went out to the Icebar (by Icehotel), which was my highlight in Stockholm. We had summer outside, but inside the bar, we had minus temperatures. Arriving at the Icehotel, you will get a kind of a winter poncho and gloves. Your drink will be served in an ice cube, which was super cool and you could take pictures on the ice throne. It’s definitely a must, when you are in Stockholm! It’s fun!

On the next day, it was time for me to say goodbye to my lovely travel mates, Bec and Hans. I transferred to a hotel near the main station, so it would be easier for me to travel back home to the airport. On my last day, I went for a bit of shopping, had a look at Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and I went to Webhallen to eat a yummy Zelda chocolate cake. I was searching for some Otaku/unique cafés in Stockholm and found Webhallen, a video game café. It was a small, but lovely “nerd” café.

All in all, I had an amazing trip with people from all around the world. I miss the funny, smart, sweet and nice group of humans and I hope they are all doing well! I learned a lot from Bec along the way and I am thankful for Hans’ amazing driving skills, taking us safely from Berlin to Stockholm and showed us all the beautiful spots in Scandinavia. You all are amazing people and I hope we will meet again, someday, somewhere. One Life. One shot. Make it count. #noregrets

Things to do in Stockholm:
– ABBA Museum
– Vasa Musem
– Skansen Open Air Museum
– Millesgarden (Museum)
– The Nobel Prize Museum
– Skansen’s Aquarium
– The Butterfly House Haga Ocean
– Baltic Sea Science Center
– The Royal Palace
– Gamla Stan (Old Town)
– Central Station
– Icebar by Icehotel Stockholm
– Tom Tits Experiment (park, science centre)
– For Otaku: Webhallen (Zelda Café)
More attractions @

Contiki Programme StockholmLanguage Lesson: SwedishQuality Hotel Friends, Stockholm

Be carefull when you open this can!!
The smell is dangerous – haha!Last dinnerNom nom Icebar Stockholm – this was my highlight! It was literally ‘cool’! Cheers~!

My last stay: Comfort Hotel Stockholm

Looking for a nerdy unique café?
Visit Webhallen!Zelda themed chocolate cake! Yum! Look at this toilet :D Having a nice walk back to the main station Found a cool shop with classic comics and merchandise Swedish Fika Gamla Stan (Old Town)Shopping Street Woa this car! Stockholm Main Station I actually wanted to take the train to the airport,
but I clearly remember, that there was a (terror or bomb)
warning, so we all had to leave the undergroundLuckily, I could take the coach to the airport!
Always make sure to be early enough at the airport!! Time to go home!


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