How to take Purikura

When you visit Japan, don’t go home before you didn’t take any Purikura (プリクラ)! Purikura (which means print club in Japanese) are photo sticker booth machines, which can be found almost everywhere in Japan. At game centers, you will find plenty of them! They are very popular to students. It doesn’t make only fun; it is also a great way to kill time in Japan. The price for Purikura varies from 200 ~ 400 Yen. The more people you are, the cheaper it will be for one person and of course it makes more fun. I am taking pictures since 2005 and it is quite interesting to see the improvement and the the quality of the machines. The pictures back then were very normal and had no special effects. When you look at the picture, I could see myself – if I look at the pictures from my last Japan trip, I look like a Manga doll, haha. Nowadays, you can change your skin tone or make it flawless, you can change the size of your eyes or it automatically slims your face or body. If you have a Japanese phone address, you can even download the pictures, which I really appreciate. I don’t have any Japanese address, but I always send the code and link (which you will find on the printed pictures) to my cousin, so she could download the pictures for me. If you have any Japanese friends, send them the code and they can easily do it for you. So if you would like to look kawaii (and scary at the same time haha), check out for the Purikura machines!! If you are not sure how to use them, just check out my short step-by-step video ^_^

Choose a machine you like! Take pictures and have fun! Ready to draw? Rakugaki time! Max. two people can draw at the same time Finish! If you have a Japanese phone address,
you can download the picutres! The quality can depend on the machine, this one for example
was in the same year like the pictures above (2016)!
Compared to this: Here is one from 2015 …2014 …and 2013!
Is funny to see how much the machine
has improved from year to yearand one more from 2010:


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