A Sweet Surprise from Confiserie Bachmann

Hello bunnies,

I recently got a really sweet surprise from Confiserie Bachmann – my favourite bakery-confectionery from Central Switzerland! I often have a look at the bakery (there are two at the train station in Lucerne) and buy buns or Bircher Muesli (typical Swiss outmeal with yoghurt) before I got to work. I also enjoy their incomparable range of chocolate and cakes, which they change seasonally. Easter is one of my favourite season, because you can marvel at all the amazing trendy bunnies they have. This year you can have Mr. Trump, Elsa, Minions and many more. The Fifty Shades of Easter bunny is very funny and you don’t believe it, but they have a UNICORN! *omg* And guess which Easter bunny was inside the box, which I received? A Poké-Bunny!!! You guys know how much I love Pikachu. Thank you so much to Confiserie Bachmann for this lovely surprise, the present is awesome! I wish you all a happy Easter!

I got a chocolate box and a Poké-Bunny You made my day! This year’s Easter bunnies Look at this unicorn ♡ Happy~ Special coupons for every month.
Confiserie Bachmann is celebrating its
120th Anniversay this year!PS. With the Bachmann loyality card you can
benefit from exclusive discounts!
Find more information here > Bachmann Loyality Card So colourful

The making of Poké-Bunnies:

Unicorn and Fifty Shades of Grey bunnies ^_^ One of my favourite bread:
Spelt Rolls! It tastes so differentSecond favourite: Sunflower seeds bun and
the best Bircher Muesli (typical Swiss outmeal) I have ever had!Cupcake from last Christmas …and during the Pokémon-GO Hype they produced Pokémon
Cupcakes! So sad that you can’t buy them anymore. They also sell macarons ♡ PS. You can find me on Confiserie Bachmann’s official site.
I didn’t notice it until my friend told it to me, hahaha.
(She was looking for a birthday cake *lol*)


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