Bye Bye Tokyo – Hello Osaka

Ok Sweeties, we are nearly at the end of our Japan journey. I had a lot to post, huh (*≧ω≦) Hope you didn’t get bored! Let’s continue…

 After one week Tokyo, we went back to Osaka. Oh God, I can still remember how I had to struggle with my suitcase on the last day before the check-out. Hahaaa, can you imagine how many clothes and stuff I bought in Shibuya…? o_Ö Packing, unpacking, sorting… I had to start many many times from the beginning again. It was like a nerve-racking puzzle. ヾ(;´▽`) But believe me, we still had another week in Osaka and the very very last day before we went back home, it was like hell. I had to go through the whole packing-process again; packing, unpacking, sorting…. and I even had to sit on my suitcase in order that I can close it. Sorry, I am now digressing from the main topic. Ehm…, ok, where was I…. ah yes right, we took the Shinkansen in the afternoon and finally arrived at the late evening at our hotel near the Shinsaibashi-suji in Namba. Our tummy already digested our lunch, so after our check-in, we were seeking for a restaurant. We stopped by at a Japanese restaurant, where I had one of the best Udon (thick wheat flour noodles) in my life! It was soooo delicious ♪(´ε`*)

My heavy suitcase… My Bento lunch box *_*OMG, my rocket salad was in this packaging! Sandwich for my best friendWe were in a hurry… so that we landed in a Women-only-wagon Ah~ finally “at home” Looking for a restaurant Mhhhh, Udon! My creamy Udon, it was so damn good >o<
The restaurant is called Tsurutontan Soemoncho
I ordered the Mentaiko Cream Udon! Best one!


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