Shopping Street Shinsaibashi (Part 1)

From 8 October to 10 October we stayed in Namba, the south area of Osaka. During these days we spend most of the time at Shinsaibashi-Suji, the most famous shopping street in Namba. You will find various shops, restaurants, cafés and game centers there. It is truly huge and from day to day you will discover something new.

Part 1 of my Japan travel video :)

The “Times Square” of Osaka: DōtonboriNow we go shopping *smile* :) too much kawaii stuff, aaaah >w< Bodyline~ I always buy my cosplay and lolita dresses here!Daiso~ Also known as the 100円 shop.
Everything in this shop costs 100Yen!Sanrio~ Meet Hello Kitty and her friends at the Sanrio shop!Disney~ Saying hello to Mickey and Co.At night


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