The Sunshine Weekend

Hello my Sunshines!

Hope you all had a super sunny summer weekend in your country. The weather here in Switzerland is awesome and we often have temperatures over 25 °C. I absorbed a lot of sunshine during this weekend and was quite busy when I look back over these three days. I went on the Sunset Cruise and had a chilling boat trip on the picturesque Lake Lucerne. I did the same cruise with my best friend one year ago. On Saturday my Sis organized a Barbeque Party and the following day we had a rich breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacons, Rösti (Swiss potatoe dish) and many many croissants at her home. (*´◡`*)

The mountains – aren’t they beautiful? A look through my sunglasses Lucerne at night This Swiss card game called “Jassen” is quite addicting!
We played it until 2 o’clock in the morning *lol* Rösti and scrambled eggs

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