Cambodia | Siem Reap

Hello my Dears,

Are you ready to follow me to the last country? Let’s go to Cambodia! The reason why we actually went to South East Asia was because of a seminar, which was organized from our school. After improving the Swiss destination Davos and Romania, we tourism students had the opportunity to explore a “new part” of the world. There were many people (including me) who haven’t been to an exotic country in South East Asia before. This post is about our stay in Siem Reap – the capital city of Cambodia. When you are in Cambodia, there are a lot of Cambodian taxi drivers with their Tuk Tuk or motor bikes. And at every corner they ask you “Ladyyyyyyy, need Tuk Tuk??!!”….  *omg*

You need a visa for Cambodia!I was watching “Kyou koi o hajimemasu”, but I couldn’t finish it,
cause the flight was like 1.5 hours and the movie 2 hours T_Tplane food on Malaysia Airline Siem Reap International Airport This was our Taxi lol
a Tuk Tuk! crocodiles, seriously? We should have taken the Bat Mobil… lol Frog, crocodiles, chicken…
I tried everything. I loved everything! at the night market some impression of the next dayI bought this dress at a market =)
I love the oriental pattern!

food was so good here! We stayed at the Steung Siemreap Hotel by the way!

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