Big City Life | Bucharest

~Bucharest – the capital city of Romania~

Friday, 12 October 2012

Today it was time to discover the big touristic city of Romania. We firstly went to a café/restaurant in the old town of Bucharest to have a cup of coffee – we stayed there longer than expected so that we enjoyed a delicious lunch too. Afterwards we wanted to visit the historic Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. We were standing outside in the middle of the grand palace and had about 10 minutes until the last guiding tour started. There was whether a hint or a sign, which showed the way to the entrance. So we stand in front of this big building and had to decide in which direction we wanted to go (from the middle to the corner of the palace it takes you about 5 minutes). Unfortunately, we have chosen the wrong direction. Arriving at the corner of the Palace, we asked a security, if we can enter… but he told us that the entrance is in the opposite direction.  What a shame! There was nothing other to do than take some pictures from outside. Anyway, we changed our plan and took the metro station to discover other parts of Bucharest. It has a well-preserved old town Lipscani where you find numerous cafés, restaurants and bars.

getting ready before leaving ^.^We stayed at the NH Hotel

Lunch time
This was so good! The biggest shopping center in the city:
Unirea Shopping Centre

The Palace of the Parliment We had dinner at a restaurant called “Divan”. It serves turkish specialities, which was really yummy. But be aware that you don’t pay too much!!! Check your bill carefully – although they promised us a group price, we had to pay too much at the end… the starter *omg* meat! It was delicious – but too muchOne plate for each person! *g* no, just kidding – we shared
the plate with 6 other students ^.~


2 responses to “Big City Life | Bucharest

  1. Wow…the food is so much for one person! The food look so delicious. Never try out Turkish food before. Hard to find in my country. =(

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