A Cat’s Life

Hello dear readers from mihoshappylife!

It has been a long long time ago since my last entry or photo. Now, I am nearly three and a half month at my new mummy’s home and I have grown a lot during this time. I am still small, but I got more shapes like an adult cat. My Mum would say: a cheeky young teenager with full of power and energy! In the last past few moths, I discovered a lot of new hobbies. Firstly, I looooove the sound of water. When somebody is taking a shower, I come running and jump on the bath tub. Don’t ask me why, I don’t like to have a bath but I love the sound of it. I guess I generally like loud noise. Even if Miho-Mama is taking out the vacuum cleaner, I find myself near her and looking at the noisy machine. I am not afraid of this monster. In addition, I enjoy the most time in the wild outdoor area or after an exciting but tiring adventure, I’ll take a nap. Miho-Mama is still working on the video, so stay tuned~

PS. You will also find all my diaries >> here *nyaaa*


One response to “A Cat’s Life

  1. How adorable!!! I always thought cats don’t like loud sounds but yours seems to be special! Even my dog hates my vacuum cleaner, he thinks it’s going to suck up his ball mwahahahaha

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