Halloween Cupcakes | Easy and Fun Recipe


Halloween will be over soon… however, I’d like to share my Cupcake and Muffin ideas for Halloween! I had so much fun to give my little cakes a rich and colourful appearance!

For this RIP Muffin you need:
– ladyfingers (long biscuits) for the RIP gravestones
– stiffly whipped cream
– crumbled Oreo Cookies & chokolate flakes for a “dry soil”-look
– gummi worms

For this Vampire Cupcake you need:
– red jam
– stiffly whipped cream, mascarpone & coconut flakes
– make little wholes for a “vampire bite”-look

For this Spider Muffin you need:
– candy-coated chocolates
– liquorice

halloween-cupcakes-recipe-3halloween-cupcakes-recipe-5halloween-cupcakes-recipe-4 halloween-cupcakes-recipe-6halloween-cupcakes-recipe-7 halloween-cupcakes-recipe-10halloween-cupcakes-recipe-9 halloween-cupcakes-recipe-8 halloween-cupcakes-recipe-1

Trick or Treat ;-)!!!


2 responses to “Halloween Cupcakes | Easy and Fun Recipe

    • The Vampire Cupcakes are my favourite – a bloody surprise :D I saw them somewhere on another website and thought: “YES! This is it!” Looks very funny ^.^

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