How to make cute & easy Space Buns

Here comes a cute and very easy space bun hairstyle step-by-step tutorial. I am personally quite lazy when it comes to hairstyling – I am so bad at it… I always leave my hair naturally straight or simply curl them if I have enough time. Since I was looking for a “bear ear hairstyle” (yes, that’s what I was first searching for, cause I didn’t know that this hairstyle is called ‘space buns’), which would suit my latest Lolita dress. After watching some really nice and valuable videos on Youtube, I wanted to keep this tutorial for my records.

What you need for this hairstyle:
– bobby pins
– dry shampoo (or texture spray)
– hair tie
– comb

Step 1) Use your dry shampoo and spray it all over your hair roots
Step 2) Secure the part of your hair for the bun with a hair tie. The dirtier your hair is, the better it works (that’s what most of the Youtuber said). You can curl your hair if you like (that’s what I did).
Step 3) Now use a comb and backcomb your hair to create some volume. The messier the better!
Step 4) Twist and wrap your hair around the hair tie and fix your bun with a bobby pin (I needed 4 pins for each bun). Secure it on the back.
Step 5) If you feel insecure, just add some hair spray
Step 6) Don’t forget to upgrade your hairstyle with cute accessories ♡

Get ready your toolsSpray the dry shampoo over your hair roots…I curled my hairs, so it is easier to make a cute bun
(but it also works with straight hair)Now it’s time for the combBackcomb your hair to create some volume
Make it nice and messy!Now twist and wrap your hair around the hair tie
and fix it with one (or more) bobby pins on the backIf you like, you can fix your hair with some hair spray!
Don’t forget to clip some cute hair accessories :)The perfect hairstyle for my beary Lolita dress Small detailsHope this post was helpful!Selfie with my beautiful sisi
We both had the same bun style by accident, haha!


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