Murten Licht-Festival 2020

Hello hello!

I am back from my mini weekend trip from Murten and was just in a mood to post about it! The Licht-Festival (Light-Festival or in French Festival des Lumières) in Murten just started from 15th to 26th January 2020 and since I haven’t done any more trips with my Mum lately, I thought this would be a great opportunity. I have seen some videos about this event and the illumination and shows looked so magical – I had to get tickets for this year. The entry is 5 CHF for the illuminating area in the old town and if you would like to enjoy a special show in the church, you have to pay a little extra. The opening was at 18.00, the event itself will finish at 22.00. If you arrive early, you can have coffee or tea at the tea-rooms or cafés in the same area. We had dinner in between (at La Brasserie – very recommended and the staff speaks a lot of languages!), so we did not have to leave the festival. There were several spots where you can enjoy light shows every 30 or 20 minutes at different locations. Also regional artists were presenting their animations and light messages throughout several spots. The area was bigger than expected and the festival went all way down to the lake. It was a bit pity that it was raining, otherwise I probably would have made much more pictures in front of the colourful and fascinating creations. All in all we had a cold but an enchanting day in Murten.

PS. There is also a light festival in Lucerne, called LILU. It is for free and it is still open until today. My sister showed me some beautiful pictures, I definitely need to have a look there next year.

Playing Zelda on my Switch LITE at the momentOur stay: Ibis Budget Fribourg
It is located approx. 10 minutes from Fribourg station by bus
and Murten itself is around 30 minutes away by train

If you need a hair dryer, you have to ask at the receptionThere is also no fridge btw
Simply just a bed, shower & toilet – that’s it
Shopping at the Manor supermarket near Fribourg station They had everything with chestnuts!!!
(me = super addicted to chestnuts = paradise)
I tried the yoghurt, it was heavenly!Killa Whale Cucumber Ale
Arriving at Murten main station
The festival is officially open at 18.00 (until 22.00)

‘Cat house’ of Murten
They have everything with cat patternsWe were a little early, so we had some tea break at a café Sweet treat from Tea-Room Monnier It’s getting dark Tinker Bell – is it you? Under the sea, sha la la la la~ Random shop, I liked it somehow Lights everywhere Illumination & Shows   We had dinner at La Brasserie
The sausage was so good!More lights! Like a fairytale Can you see the horse running? This laser show was called universe!
So beautiful!
You can see a preview of it on my Youtube Channel
Mystic and this show was called “Seasons” Fly away~


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