How to make a Pink Gin Tonic Cocktail | Recipe

Hello sunshines,

Summer finally arrived (we had over 30° degrees during the past weeks) and it is time for BBQ, beer and refreshing cocktails! I prefer beer before cocktails, but the cocktail magazine from Coop inspired me to try out some fancy drinks. The almost fairylike pink drink received the most attention. The pink gin has a light taste of raspberries and makes the drink very fruity and refreshing. Frozen raspberries or strawberries gives a nice touch to the cocktail. The pink gin tonic is the perfect addition to sweeten a beautiful summer evening.

What is your favourite summer drink?


For one drink you need:
4 ice cubes
5 frozen raspberries
a bit of Tasmanian pepper (I made it without pepper)
5 cl Gordon’s Pemium Pink Gin
15 cl Schweppes Premium Tonic Pink Pepper

The recipe is from the Coop cocktail magazineAre you ready for summer? Ice & Frozen Raspberries add the gin and fill it up with tonic That seducing colour!Pink is Love!Cheers everyone!


2 responses to “How to make a Pink Gin Tonic Cocktail | Recipe

  1. That looks so good and refreshing!
    Have you tried adding a bit of edible glitter to your cocktails? I’ve found pics and some look amazing. It seems that the concept of shimmery drinks has been around for a while but it’s recently gained a lot of popularity especially in Spain. Even shimmery sparkling wines are sold in stores there. I’ve done some research and found that some of those wines used to be sold here, but they weren’t that popular. :(
    About summer drinks, Plum Dew (Japanese plum liquor) and Midori-based cocktails are quite popular in the festivals organised by the Japanese Community. There are tons of different drinks, but I prefer drinking Plum Dew on the rocks or with mineral water and a bit of citric fruits juice. Adding a bit of Midori to your Calpis makes it amazingly good.
    Have you tried them?

    • What a great idea, thank you BlueBird! Even the glitter as well as the Plum Dew Cocktail! That sounds very refreshing. I definitely need to buy Calpis when I am back in Japan!

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