Lolita Meetup Zurich 2019

Hello cupcakes,

After a long break, I went to a Lolita meetup in Zurich (my last meetup was at the beginning of the year in Kandersteg)! It was also the #Pride demonstration event in Zurich on the same day. All people dressed up in rainbow colours, so we were not that eye-catching than on ordinary meetups. We met in the afternoon at the big clock at the main train station in Zurich – the place was super crowded, but we managed to find each other. We walked to the Carlton Hotel (the interior design was very beautiful) and each person ordered whatever he or she wanted to. I had a super nice egg benedict and enjoyed myself a sweet dessert later on. We had a long chat together until the late afternoon and before we decided to go home, we went to the Church Frauenmünster to take some pictures. The day went by very quickly and it was nice to see new members from the Lolita community. I am already excited to the next meetup in July! Hope to see all of you soon again!

Here comes my new outfit Carlton Hotel Zurich

Ring for Champagne – what a nice idea! Food makes everyone happy My egg benedict! Yum!! A surprise for the birthday child :)) Panna Cotta for dessert Here some pictures of the shooting Everyone looked so pretty!Little Red Riding Hood Pray to the Queen =) Twin dress ♡You guys make me smile!
It’s always nice to meet you lovely people!Selfie time~ Another outfit shots Lolitas at heart


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