Lolita Meetup – Lucerne 2018

Hello dolls,

I recently attended a Lolita meetup in one of my favourite places in Switzerland. Dear Sara organized a lovely day in Lucerne and could book a table at the Amorino cafe. I have been here many times, I really love the hot chocolate and the pretty rose-looking ice creams. And the best thing – you can choose as many flavours as you like! I wore my newest Lolita dress (Rose Prints Lace Hemline JSK By Infanta from DEVIL INSPIRED – they have very pretty dresses!). That blue colour and the inconspicuous roses with eyeballs, arg, I just couldn’t resist! After the little break and chat, we went to the Hofkirche St. Leodegar (the Church of St. Leodegar) to take some pictures. Afterwards, we had a short walk through the Old Town and went back to the train station, where we quickly went to the Lozärner Määs (Autumn Fair). We didn’t stay too long because the place was very crowded. We had a short look at the stands and then it was already time to go home. The day went by so fast – no wonder with great people! Can’t wait to see you all again ♡

My outfit This print! Love it! Amorino in Lucerne With pretty girl Christie ^^ If you have to choose between the waffle or Anki…!
Arg, both are super sweet!! Waffle sticks Crepe with looots of chocolate sauce Ice cream! Group shot! I love that skirt too Another group shot! And a lovely flower wall That bag omg! People were taking pictures of us, without asking.
Here is her response hahaha (love this picture) Selfie time


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