Breakfast in Bed | IKEA Trays

Hello my darlings!

Sometimes it is just nice to stay in bed, watch Animes and do as less as possible – especially on gloomy Sundays! Even better, when you can have breakfast in bed! I have been to IKEA yesterday and bought very practical trays for a lazy day in bed. The DJURA tray (IKEA article number 402.872.36) is made from a rubber tree, easily foldable and has with its 58cm length and 38cm width the perfect size. I also got a smaller bamboo tray from the collection called OSTBIT (IKEA article number 103.767.24). It looks simple and has a extremely lightweight and handy design. I am super happy with both trays and think this was definitely a good purchase. Looking forward to enjoy more days like today! (゚▽゚*)ノ♪

Wanna know the secret behind this Pikachu Deco Latte?
Blog post is coming soon ^_^ Stay tuned! Do you have Pinterest? Watched the SAO (Ordinal Scale) movie today  The small tray is perfect to put everything together The DJURA tablet from IKEA The OSTBIT tray from IKEA  The trays don’t need much space,
so I can keep it just next to my bed


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