Happy 7 Years ★

…yes, I am serious! Today my blog is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! Wow – I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone again. Thank you so much for reading my blog and being a part of it. It means so much to me! You guys are truly awesome people! I love reading your comments and connecting with you guys. I try to keep you entertained and share more stories with you all, hopefully you never get bored with my topics!

For this 7-year-day I have another giveaway for you guys! Everyone can participate. All you have to do is simply leave a comment on this blog entry. I will pick the winner after the 31th August. Good luck everyone!

Thank you for everything!
I love you guys!
xoxo. Miho ♡

Win a Giveaway!

PS. Here are also some optional entries, which are absolutely not relevant for this contest. ^_^ It just makes me happy if you…

♡…follow me on Twitter here
♡…follow me on Facebook here
♡…follow me on Instagram @mihoshappylife
♡…share this Giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, your Blog etc.

Happiness Tea :) Happy Clover Note Booklet Cat stickers Miku-chan Isn’t she cute? Don’t worry – sip happy! ^_^



18 responses to “Happy 7 Years ★

  1. Thanks for your useful travel advice throughout the years, especially Japan! :D Cheers to many many more years of travelling and desserts-hunting~ <3

  2. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your pictures and moments with us. I truly enjoy reading your posts. Learning about other countries and cultures is always fun.

  3. Congratulations on this (lucky) 7 year milestone!! Your blog is always entertaining and informative~~ <3

  4. 7周年をお祝いします
    Au in zukunft werdi dini Blogs witterverfolge^^
    Ganbatte Miho-Chan^^🙂

  5. Congrats on 7yrs! 🌸
    I love all your post on here and Instagram! Thank you for dedicating time into this lovely blog and Instagram 💞

  6. It’s been so cool seeing your journey! I love seeing your blog posts appear in my email and am so happy to read them! Your Instagram gives me so much inspiration too! Happy 7 years and here’s to more! Thank you for your inspirational blogs and pics! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future!

  7. :) Verfolge nur e Handvoll Blogs aber dine findi immer so Bunt und git eim grad gueti Luune. Super Fottis (wie en Profi mit 500k Follower) und qualitativ sehr guete Inhalt. Finds cool wend Ässe zeigsch :D Din Style isch natürli au sehr cool. Vil Erfolg für Zuekunft und uf wiiteri interessanti Biträg. Gruess de Dave us Schwitzerländ ;)

  8. Wow! Gratulation zu deinem 7. Blogjahr *____* Wünsche dir weiterhin Viel Erfolg und ich bin gespannt auf weitere Abenteuer von dir und den Mokekes. :)


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