Giveaway Winners


Hello Loves!

Thank you for participating in my Giveaway! It is time to annouce the five happy winners. If you are one of them, do not forget to check your mail box, I will send you a message in a few minutes. (*^^)v

giveaway-2017-winners-2 giveaway-2017-winners-3Insta-Giveaway giveaway-2017-winners-4 giveaway-2017-winners-5 giveaway-2017-winners-6 giveaway-2017-winners-7 giveaway-2017-winners-8Congrats to:
1. rinze_hime
2. miyaskellington
3. mynx81
giveaway-2017-winners-9Blog Giveaway giveaway-2017-winners-11 giveaway-2017-winners-12 giveaway-2017-winners-13 giveaway-2017-winners-14Congrats to:
1. Sandy
2. Zuckerwattefuchsgiveaway-2017-winners-15


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