Win a Giveaway | Disney Letter Set


Hello Sweethearts!

It is time for a giveaway! I found some really cute Disney mini letter sets in Japan (as always ^.^). I thought this would be a great gift from me to you. I am going to pick two winners at the end of the giveaway. It is open wordwide and participating is really easy. All you have to do is to leave a comment below. That’s it! The contest is open until 28 Feburary 2017. Good luck everyone!! ♡


PS. Here are also some optional entries, which are absolutely not relevant for this contest. ^_^ Feel free to…
…follow me on Twitter
…follow me on Facebook
…follow me on Instagram @mihoshappylife
…share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, your Blog etc.

giveaway-2017-7 giveaway-2017-2 giveaway-2017-3 giveaway-2017-4 giveaway-2017-5 giveaway-2017-6 giveaway-2017-8 giveaway-2017-9 giveaway-2017-10 giveaway-2017-11PS. There is separate Giveaway exclusively for my Instagram followers.
Check out my Instagram account!insta-giveaway-2017 insta-giveaway-2017-2

15 responses to “Win a Giveaway | Disney Letter Set

  1. The letters look so cuuute! I am huge fan of Disney and these look like heaven for me! Fingers crossed

  2. They’re so beautiful! Ariel’s set is elegant and delicate, and Alice’s set is cute and modern. I love both.
    I love giveaways hehe XD

  3. These letter sets are so lovely! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!
    I also follow you in instagram 💖✨
    IG: FindingHerselfWithin

  4. This is so cute! Thanks for all your informative posts on Swiss and Japanese culture!! It really helps me a lot! <3

  5. Aaaaah! Noch schnell mitmachen und mein Glück versuchen 😍😍😍
    Das Giveaway ist so toll ❤❤❤

  6. Oh mein Gott das Arielle Briefpapier ist ja ein Traum 💗 Ich kanns kaum abwarten wenn ich endlich nach Japan kann, wäre toll wenn ich mich bis dahin an diesem Geschenk erfreuen dürfte :3

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