Christmas Cookies 2016


It’s Christmas in 20 days… and soon this year is coming to an end! As every year we had our cookie baking meet-up today. I bought a unicorn cookie cutter and I was so excited to use it! Ordinary cookies are boring, don’t you think so? It was a long day and the work at the cookie factory took us around 8-9 hours! At least we had a great time together and a lot of yummy cookies (゚∇^*)

the first crewxmas-cookies-2016-1…and the rest ^_^ xmas-cookies-2016-2Coconut Cookies!
Let’s give them some colour :)xmas-cookies-2016-3 xmas-cookies-2016-4 xmas-cookies-2016-5 xmas-cookies-2016-6 xmas-cookies-2016-6bMy lovely Girls ♡ xmas-cookies-2016-7Let’s take a selfie!! muhaha (≧▽≦)xmas-cookies-2016-8 xmas-cookies-2016-9 xmas-cookies-2016-10One of my favourite part is the decoration! xmas-cookies-2016-11 xmas-cookies-2016-12Fancy~ xmas-cookies-2016-13 xmas-cookies-2016-14 xmas-cookies-2016-15 xmas-cookies-2016-16 xmas-cookies-2016-17 xmas-cookies-2016-18 xmas-cookies-2016-19 xmas-cookies-2016-20I am a unicornlover (゚▽^*)ノxmas-cookies-2016-21 xmas-cookies-2016-22 xmas-cookies-2016-23 xmas-cookies-2016-24Thanks everyone! Had so much fun today ☆xmas-cookies-2016-25


One response to “Christmas Cookies 2016

  1. Yummy! I must admit I’m a cookie-maniac. I love their crunchiness and their colours, and their shapes, and…
    How many cookies did you bake?? There seem to be tons of them in the potos!

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